Developmental stage of

As indicated below, PalBee is still in its “Young Larva” stage. We need to work on lots of stuffs for bring swarm of friends to this lonely creature. Please help him grow. :-)

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Counting down the Launch of PalBee English Version

Finally, for those all who speak English, PalBee is gonag to speak English to you. In fact, the preview version is already up. All you need to have is a English version of web browser of any kind.

Either in English or Korea, and may be more in the future, you can set up video conference sessions through PalBee. Some parts of the service are not totally bi-lingual such as “Forum.’
But it would soon be completed.

For the official start of the service, come back on Tuesday :-)

plabee_ui-2.jpg   plabee_ui.jpg 
    PalBee Main            PalBee Conference UI – Korean version is now on!!

The Larva version of is now on for all those eager users. For this week, only Korean version is available. English version will be up and running on Tue. next week.

I’ll let you know when it is done. Meanwhile, you may come and try to poke around the service. It only asks user name, password, and re-typing password to sing up. Once you done it, you can see the list of meeting rooms. If available, you just type your meeting room title and start your session.

 Hopefully, I’d see you guys on Palbee!!

1) Signing Up

2) Signing Up

 3) Starting a Meeting Session

Unveiling Palbee Video Meeting UI

If you happend to read my post last week, you would have guessed how the tool panel had evolved from long & tedious revisions. My all time favorite business book, “The Art of Profitability,” quoted Paul Cook, the president of Raychem Corporation :

What separates the winners and losers in innovation is who masters the drudgery. The creative process usually starts with brilliant idea. Next you determine whether, if the brilliant idea worked, it would be worth doing from a business standpoint. That’s the exhilarating part. It may be the most stimulating intellectually, but it’s also the easiest. Then come the real work-reducing the idea to practice. That’s the drudgery part of innovation, and that’s where people need the most pressure and encouragement. You can draw a chart of how the original excitement of a new idea creates all kinds of energy, but then people go into the pits for a long time as they try to turn that idea into products that can be manufactured. That’s when you use the phone and the fax machine. That’s when you have review meetings between the technical people and senior management. That’s when as CEO, you show the entire organization that you are just as interested in new product and process development as you are in manufacturing costs, sales, or quality.

Yes, indeed. Any who involves in any kind of product development had yelling moments in meeting rooms. We had that too, revision after revision. May be we should call revision meeting a “yellting,” or “screameeting.”

Since Palbee is a micro application (“Micro-App”), quoting such grandiosity is somewhat exaggeration. It’s self-defense that saying, at least, ‘we tried so, don’t blame it too much!”Anyhow, although it is still in the phase of revisioning, or yelling and being “yelled at,” we finally unveil the Video Meeting UI. For me it’s neat enough.

– Click to see the larger image -

Let’s take a “short tour” on our interface for video meeting or conferencing. On the top-left, you see the speaker, instructor, or moderator based on the situation for the meeting. Since the speaker took this screen shot, you are watching “Speaker Mode” with more functionality such as “slide pick,” “File Upload,” “Privilege Granting or Un-Granting.”

We have a neat chat box with a Technicolor picker for the chat texts on the lower left. On the bottom, you will see videos of people. Including the speaker, each Palbee video meeting room supports five video feeds. Of course, we do have nice snow white board in the middle with the “Swiss Army knife-like tool panel” on the right. Yes that darn thing costs development time, several packages of Ricola, and a post of blog.

Better yet, the two icons above the “Upload Files” button are still a conundrum. It supposed to represent 1) single image uploading to the whiteboard 2) multiple image uploading. If you have better idea, please let us know.

Video Meeting UI supports MS Power Point slides and hopefully more in the near future. Like I said, if you need more features and comments, let me know.

From old files – Prototyping Video Conference UI

Here’s something from our old files. These are some photos taken in our UI design sessions.

Look at the changes over time. We moved around these Post-It to see what would be the best for the users’ video conference expereinces.

Older version of UI was like this

Initially, we thought it would be better to move “undo”
as same position as one in the keyboard.
But, engineering people hated so

hmm, then would it be better to move all the erasers group
together?? People say “nay!” now we need to change the lay out.

From this to following..

Now, the UI becomes little bit organized, and Engineers’ insanity level
plummeted. However, there would be different UI for instructor and attendees,
this fine-looking UI components need to br rearranged.

Although we now have UI looks like below, we are always open to new suggestions

Features – Initial Version

Free spontaneous video meetings for everyone!

Ever felt that video conferencing is too expensive?
Downloading and installing the software sucks?
Never liked all the information you must punch in before you try?

We all had same experiences! That’s why we created this simpler, faster, easier video conferencing service with “anything goes” attitude. We felt the life is so confusing, not to mention all the Internet gadgets.

In this age of uncertainty and confusion, we began to search for an answer. The answer for “reasonably priced and super easy video conferencing tool” was so hard to come by. From our grueling and unfortunate experiences, we have now implemented a beta (here, we say a “Larva version”) of Palbee.

Yes! It’s Free!

However, there is a catch. The current larva version has some limitations:

  • Each video meeting session lasts up to ONE HOUR
  • Maximum attendees are FIVE PEOPLE.
  • Only 10 video meetings rooms simultaneously, hence “First Come, First Serve.”

But, at least, it’s FREE (It’s your mantra for make you satisfied for the time being)

Some of the features at this “Larva” stage are:

1. Comprehensible Meeting Status
Since we only have 10 meeting rooms, it’s more difficult to make it incomprehensible.

2. Palpitating Meeting Initiation
As mentioned, it is a “First come, first serve” based service. If you find the room list is full, then type the title and wait until a room emptied. Although Palbee allows an hour long video meeting, some capricious users finish the session before the scheduled time.
When that happens, you need to fire “Start Meeting” button to make yourself a session. The rewards usually go to those focused and quick users.

3. Flamboyant Meeting Interface
Our 100% Flash based interface is filled with rich features. Originally developed for professional video conferencing, users don’t need to download as long as the Adobe Flash is installed. Some available features are: Power point slide sharing, a whiteboard, a chat window, image and file sharing, and many more. Most significantly, the meeting moderator can give permission to other attendees for speaking and writing. If you don’t like attendees, you can also kick them out from the meeting , too.


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