Palbee Webcording Contest has Begun!

I’m happy to announce the official beginning of the Palbee Webcording Contest!  I hope that this brings us interesting and valuable content, and I am eager to give away these cool gadgets.  Here’s the text of the official press release:

Win MP3 Players in Palbee’s Monthly Webcording Contest

Seoul, South Korea, June 27 –, a free online video meeting service, has announced a Webcording Contest with monthly and quarterly prizes on its web site. Winners can receive the latest in South Korean mp3 players. Entries are accepted from any Palbee user around the world.

To participate in the contest, visitors must register at the web site and record a presentation in the English language using Palbee’s online presentation recording service. Then, using the same email address that they used to register, users must submit the URL of the recorded presentation to the contest email. Notable entries will be posted on the Palbee blog throughout each contest month. First, second, and third place winner will be chosen at the end of each month from all of the entries received during the contest period. For more information about the contest, check out the Palbee web site and the Palbee blog.

“Creative, interesting content is at least as important as high quality service,” said Matthew Weigand, Project Manager at “In today’s Internet, interesting and original content is the one and only true resource.” He hopes that will become a treasure trove of presentations on a large number of topics; a kind of audiovisual Wikipedia. This contest is designed to stimulate the development of a large body of audiovisual knowledge and entertainment. is a kind of cross between a conference room and YouTube. It allows its users to record multimedia presentations with audio, video, graphics and PowerPoint slides. Its video area can record audio and video directly from a webcam or other video feed. The whiteboard area allows users to import and display pictures and PowerPoint slides, write text notes, draw, highlight, and resize them as well. It is an ideal way to present formalized information.


Moving Hosting

Some of you may have noticed that is currently not working.  We are moving our servers to a faster, more stable connection, and so they are unavoidably offline for a few days.  We should be back up and running by the 26th of June, so don’t worry.

If you have any questions about the move, I’ll be paying special attention to this post, and I’ll answer any questions in the comments section as soon as I can.

Free Online Conferencing Just got Easier

[This is the test of the press release that I have been spreading all over the Internet today.]

Seoul, Korea, June 12 – Palbee today announced the release of a new version of its online video conference service, The new service includes several significant improvements, including support for up to ten conference participants and the ability to resize the white board or video display window. The design of the window and the layout of the interface and control buttons have been streamlined to be more intuitive as well. The new features and service remain freely offered to anyone who registers, making virtual meetings with Palbee a tempting alternative to business travel.

The new version of the Palbee service includes support for up to ten conference participants to speak together in real time. The previous version of Palbee supported only five participants by default, with the option for expanding the conference to nine. The latest version of Palbee includes support for ten participants natively. All ten participants can use the collaboration tools to draw, write, color, and type in the white board area and display photos, graphics, or PowerPoint presentations.

The newest Palbee also includes the ability to customize the conference window to suit the needs of the conference. If the host would rather focus on the video chat capabilities of the conference, it is now possible to maximize the video display area and minimize other areas of the conference interface. Or, if it is more convenient to focus on the whiteboard area, the whiteboard can be maximized to take up most of the conference window.

Finally, the new layout of the conference interface groups the various tools and slide controls in a more intuitive arrangement. Similar buttons have been layered together and arranged along the bottom of the interface to be less intrusive. The tools should be familiar to users of popular photo editing and presentation programs.

The changes are the first stage in a more comprehensive overhaul of Additional changes are scheduled for later on in June. As always, the service is free to those who sign up at

Palbee retains its recording and embedding features, which allow registered users to record presentations and embed them like YouTube videos. And live Palbee conference windows can also still be embedded into web pages as well, for those who want real-time video collaboration in the comfort of their own web site.

In today’s environment of rising fuel prices, business trips are cutting deeper into the bottom line. More and more businesses are considering alternatives to face-to-face meetings. Existing paid virtual conferencing services are almost as expensive as a two day business trip. Palbee offers a free alternative to Business Class tickets and hotel accommodations, and saves time too.


Palbee combines several features of mobile phones, email, and online messengers into one online application that requires only a copy and paste to use. You can use Palbee for work – in marketing, sales meetings and conferences. You can use it at school to present or view lectures, school projects, and online tutoring. You can use Palbee in your personal life for contacting your friends and family and sharing photos. The applications of Palbee are endless.

The Palbee team is committed to developing the application to support our users in their communication and knowledge sharing. They hope you enjoy the Palbee online service.

About Zenitum Inc

Zenitum Inc. is an entertainment solution developer based on computer vision technologies headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. For three years, Zenitum has been developing unique services for both the mobile and web platforms including Facial Beauty Surgery and Facial Fortune Reading based on facial feature recognition technology. Recently, Zenitum has launched several web services harnessing its proprietary technologies.

For more information, please contact:

Matthew Weigand
Marketing Manager
Zenitum Inc.

Palbee Content Contest

One of Palbee’s unique features that set it apart from the competition is the ability to record presentations. We hope that our users will develop a growing library of quality presentations that will become popular resources in and of themselves. This way we can attract web site visitors who not only want free, live video conferencing, but also who are looking for quality information on a variety of topics, like an audiovisual Wikipedia.

In order to encourage the development of quality presentations, we are going to create a contest here at Anyone can enter the contest by recording a Palbee presentation on any topic and emailing the link to the Palbee team. At the end of each month first, second, and third place winners will be selected to receive the latest in Korean electronic gadgetry, such as the Samsung Yepp personal media player, and an iRiver Mickey. We are excited to see the presentations that will be made, and hope our users will be too!

In case you aren’t familiar with the latest in Korean personal electronics, here are some photos:

Samsung Yepp T10

Model not included.

iRiver Mickey

The famous likeness is licensed from Disney.

New Palbee look and feel preview 1

We’ve been working hard here on the Palbee team, and June is the month we are slated to release some very significant changes to One of the upcoming things we are going to do is update the Palbee application. We are planning to include more people in one conference, and to add more features such as whiteboard window resizing. Check out the screenshots below to see what its going to look like.

Stay tuned in the next coming weeks for more information here about other changes to, coming up in June.

Getting the word out the old-fashioned way

One of the most important aspects of starting a new web service is telling people about it.  Despite the wonders of Google, it is still difficult to get people to notice your new web site.  That’s why it’s still so important to tell people face to face what you are doing.  But where?

I’ve found seven great places to let people know about new Web 2.0 services this year.  Here they are, in chronological order:


1.       Software 2008

April 29-30, 2008

Las Vegas, USA

The comfortable equilibrium between software supplier and IT buyer has been shattered. Open Source is now an accepted – and often favored – option to traditional commercial software. Monolithic applications are threatened by SOA. SaaS liberates businesses from software itself. And Enterprise 2.0 tools, such as wikis and social networks, pose a growing challenge for IT.


2.       Enterprise 2.0

June 9-12, 2008

Boston, USA

The largest and most important gathering for companies making the shift to Enterprise 2.0. It’s the only event that brings together the latest trends and practical information about Enterprise 2.0 to help you drive the transformation of your business.


3.       NXT Comm

June 16-19, 2008

Las Vegas, USA

The one event delivering the ecosystem of network-enabled voice, video and data

NXT Comm is the leading conference and tradeshow venue for the converged communications industry. This is seeking the next generation of thought leaders to speak at its 2008 event in Las Vegas.


4.       Business and Technology Solutions Show

Aug 19-20, 2008

Rosemont, Il, USA

The Information Technology sector in USA represents a growing market for IT equipment manufacturers and software suppliers. Business users, corporate decision-makers and government policy planners are highly confident in the telecom/IT technology flowing all over the world.


5.       TechCrunch50

September 8-10, 2008

San Francisco, CA, USA

Find the best start-ups and launch them in front of our industry’s most influential VCs, corporations, fellow entrepreneurs and press.


6.       CTIA-Wireless IT & Entertainment

Sept 10-12, 2008

San Francisco, CA, USA

CTIA-Wireless IT & Entertainment focuses on integrating wireless technologies into the enterprise and vertical business markets such as healthcare, government, automotive, retail etc. Additionally, the show reflects the explosive growth in wireless entertainment – encompassing everything from music downloads to digital cameras to interactive games.


7.       Web 2.0 Expo New York

September 16-19, 2008

New York, NY, USA

Web 2.0, co-produced by TechWeb and O’Reilly Media, is a conference and tradeshow for the rapidly growing ranks of designers and developers, product manager, entrepreneurs, VCs, marketers, and business strategists who are embracing the opportunities created by Web 2.0 technologies.

Finding the Perfect Online Project Management Tool Day 105

$400/month can’t buy you project management happiness.

I think I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. My efforts in this project management search are entirely fruitless so far. Even after giving up the idea of a free and open source solution, paid services also do not provide what I’m looking for. Take the case of Its an online, subscription-based service that offers you all the flexibility and power of, well, Microsoft Project Server. At least thats what it appears to be. For a small company such as ours, having 20 people using ProjectInsight would cost approximately $400/month. With this strong monetary seed we could still not track bugs or personal schedules, although recreating complex projects from Microsoft Project would be very easy. Then we could get the resources assigned to each project (people) to fill in time sheets at the end of every day, in up to .01 hour increments, and by calculating their hourly rate we could easily determine, at a click, the fastest way to piss off talented engineers and give myself additional headaches.

That is not the direction I want to go. I was initially interested in because it had the feature of tracking Issues for each project, which would have served as an acceptable bug tracker tool. However, that feature is not activated on the evaluation copy of the service which I am testing now, so I can’t even see if it would serve.

I am now thinking that my torrid love affair with Gantt charts might need to come to an end. They are pretty but they just aren’t included in enough project management programs.